Friday, February 25, 2011

Let Me Put on Another Hat

Just a bit of knitting I've done in the past few months. Does it look like I have an obsession?

Both the same hat, but the color is truer on the second (crappier) picture. Here is my Hermione hat, knit with my now all time favorite yarn, Madelinetosh toshvintage, in Baltic:

Sonia loved it so much, she requested the exact same hat for her birthday. Seeing as she's awesome, how could I not comply? I did, however, make it in the toshvintage Molly Ringwald colorway, because the point of knitting hats is to have one that's uniquely mine, right?

Next up is Jeff's Knotty But Nice Hat (it's finished, but I apparently don't have a pic of the completed project), also in toshvintage. Do you see a pattern emerging?

He bought me the yarn for Christmas, and I in turn knit him a hat. Yarn, it's the gift that keeps on giving. :)

And lastly, here's Quincy, which I finished last night. I used Lion Brand's Amazing yarn, which is pretty neat. I have chronic I-Love-This-Book-So-I-Buy-It-But-Never-Knit-Anything-From-It-itis, so while cleaning out my yarn drawers last weekend, I saw this booklet, and grabbed the Amazing yarn and cast on. I was thinking of giving it to my sister, because I felt like the hat was a bit too twee for me, but Jeff approves, so it is now mine. SO sorry, Marie.

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Autumn said...

The Knotty But Nice hat looks rather complicated!