Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My First Attempt at Yarn Bombing

Hello, interwebs, it's been a while. Too many conversations with kids, too much work and too much knitting (ha!!!!) and a lack of anything to say over 200 characters (damn you, Facebook, with your cute little status updates in which I have also failed at posting, since nothing I say is witty enough anymore). I'm going to try to post on a semi-regular basis, and hope that funny/witty things happen in life, but you just never know. ;-)

Anyway, the topic of today is a dear friend of mine who designed a cute little hat for Caps for Good, which my knitting group at work took part in. Here is my hat. While the rest of us were just using up scrap yarn and making random patterns that caught our eyes, she knitted about 2 dozen preemie/newborn caps and even designed a pattern that a few of us used. Go, Joanie. In order to celebrate her as a wonderful person, I took the liberty of yarn bombing her desk, which I've wanted to do a while. She hasn't seen it yet, but I was pleased with my token of appreciation.

Cute, no? Also, here is a picture of most of the 165 hats that our little knitting group completed in just under 1 month of knitting:

And here we are, with our wares:

(Please excuse my closed eyes, who the hell put me up front?)

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Autumn said...

Yay for the blog post! I like your yarn bomb. That's a big knitting group! Must be nice to have that.